Haint Blue is woven into a colloquially Southern narrative that likely originated half way around the world & was brought to the US with the Gullah-Geechee people via the transatlantic slave trade. As with most folklore, the history of haint blue is muddy. No matter, one truth remains – haint blue is meant to keep evil spirits at bay. In Charleston, haint blue is an actual shade of blue paint that adorns the porches of many antebellum homes. In Savannah, haint blue porches seem a bit greener. In Mobile, we still paint our porches, but nowadays Haint Blue is a beer.


Haint Blue Brewing is positioned in a unique location in historic downtown Mobile. Housed in the old Crystal Ice House, the brewery property is thinly separated from the burial place of Joe Cain, John Cox, & Eugene Walter by a 19th century brick wall. The downtown Mobile skyline sets the perfect backdrop to stop in, relax and enjoy a beer.


While stationed in Washington, the brewery’s founder, Keith Sherrill, enjoyed the culture of the brew houses nestled at the base of Mount Rainier—one of the most fertile hop growing regions in the world. When moving back to his home state of Alabama, he wanted to bring that culture he enjoyed so much with him. Thus began the pursuit for the American Dream.

Our mission: To be Mobile's "Other" Brewery.


We are a for-profit company that believes our greatest asset is the world we live in. Haint Blue will always support local people & businesses, create a platform for artists, embrace innovators, reduce its carbon footprint, & pursue altruistic goals of helping children, families, & refugees who may be unable to help themselves. Oh yeah…we also plan to make the highest quality beer on Earth.

Haint Blue takes great pride in more than just being a beer company. And as of May 2019, we have the honor of officially declaring that we are now a Certified B Corporation®, a designation that requires for-profit organizations to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Check out our B Impact Report to learn more about our score. 

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806 Monroe Street, Mobile, Alabama

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