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Haint Blue IPA

Availability: Draft and bottled


Alcohol by Volume: 6.5%


Description: Our IPA’s citrus, floral taste is a welcomed balance to a style that’s well known for being bitter. This beer is more romantic and less offensive than its contemporaries.

 If you're looking to stop in at a local spot for a pint, you'll find that luck is likely in your favor at many establishments in lower Alabama.

Cain and Kazoola IPA

Availability: Draft and canned


Alcohol by Volume: 6.2%


Description: An original blend of flowers and barley that serves as both a love letter and a tale of two cities. It's the best beer we've ever made.

Cain and Kazoola IPA is available in lower Alabama in 16oz 4-packs.  Look for it on draft in your favorite bars and restaurants. 


Dose Saffron Water

Availability: Canned 12 packs available online


Alcohol by Volume: 0.0%


Description: Saffron water is an ancient brew for modern times.  Made to lift your mood, relieve your aches,  and alleviate stress.  For those of you who simply drink to be social, this elixir may even improve your mojo.  Drink Dose Voodoo child and Let your spirit move you.